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Automatic pea fitter selects peas from "The Pod"

Matching the correct size of pea to the size of whistle is critical to good performance.
A pea of the correct size & weight should travel at 800 metres per hour inside the sound chamber to create the perfect trill. Too slow and the sound is notchy or lumpy, too fast and it is tizzy.

There can be no excuse for making a whistle that is hard to blow or even worse, where the pea sticks. These are all common faults in inferior whistles that aren’t backed up by the Acme know how.


Acme pea whistles are also waterproof

From tropical downpours to deserts, from hotspots to ice hockey The Acme Thunderer and all Acme Pea whistles can be relied on for top performance.

More world class and domestic finals have been refereed with pea whistles than any other type.

See the section “Choosing a winning whistle” for more technical reasons for the success of Acme Whistles.

Top Secret