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Improving performance
Research & Development

R & D has been a constant feature of life at Acme as we constantly strive to improve the performance of even our most powerful whistles.

Standing still is not an option, customers requirements are constantly changing and we are always happy to look at special needs.

This test rig was specially designed to check operating pressures on whistles and limits for overblowing.

You can just see the Acme 477/58.5 Thunderer and below an industrial whistle being tested.

Here are some of the whistles we have been asked to design...
Tornado 2000 - the worlds most powerful whistle

Tornado 2000 the worlds most powerful whistle.

Pressure Whistle

Pressure Whistle three industrial whistles for use as, highly sensitive, low and high pressure warning devices.

263 – The Windmaster sound effect whistle 263 – The Windmaster sound effect whistle which produces sound effects
  • a) Steam & Wind sound effects
  • b) The noise of wind whistling round a building
  • c) A magpie call

Not bad for one whistle!

Research and Development