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  • Our Collab with ACME… with Teddy Maximus Founder, Holly Simpson

    by AcmeWhistles, January 2019

    We are so delighted to be collaborating with ACME Whistles! As champions of British manufacturing and huge fans of waggy tails we were intrigued by the ‘silent’ dog whistle….
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  • 148 years of history in 35 seconds

    by AcmeWhistles, November 2018

    The innovation of Joseph Hudson, a Birmingham tool-shed tinkerer, changed the course of history. In my eyes, that was definitely something worth celebrating. Normally commissioned to write pieces of up to 10 minutes, I knew it would be a challenge to convey the rich history and importance of this vital tool in just 35 seconds.
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  • Team GB – 20th Anniversary Vizsla European Field Trial Championship

    by AcmeWhistles, November 2018

    Team GB's recent trip to Hungary for the 20th Anniversary Vizsla European Field Trial Championship
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  • World War I And The Whistle

    by AcmeWhistles, November 2018

    ACME Whistles are proud to have played a vital role in military history - providing the British Army, Navy and Air Force with the official infantry whistles which became the defining sound of WWI.
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  • ACME Whistles - In Times Of War And Peace

    by AcmeWhistles, October 2018

    To celebrate the Centenary of the end of WWI, we have created a very special TV advert, honouring our servicemen and women both past and present, as well as a limited edition Peace Whistle - 10% of the profits from each sale will go to RBL to help them in their vital work supporting current servicemen and women and veterans alike, as well as their families.
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  • FIFA World Cup - it’s Final!

    by AcmeWhistles, July 2018

    We have made more appearances in the World Cup - and in the final - than any team or player. Who are we? We are the Acme Whistle.
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  • A Tournament of Masters

    by AcmeWhistles, June 2018

    ACME Whistles are proud sponsors of the Over-50s Masters Football World Cup 2018 in Spain.
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  • How to Blow a Whistle for Best Results

    by AcmeWhistles, May 2018

    ACME create a diverse range of whistles with countless uses from sporting, survival, dog training, orchestral, and everything in between. Find out how to get the most out of your chosen ACME whistle.
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  • Work Experience at ACME Whistles

    by AcmeWhistles, April 2018

    Read about the two weeks I spent with the ACME Whistles team on a recent work experience visit from Germany.
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  • The Spring Fair 2018

    by AcmeWhistles, February 2018

    It’s Spring Fair time once again in Birmingham at the National Exhibition Centre - the UK’s biggest gift fair and one of the half dozen top shows worldwide - and it is the perfect platform to showcase our ACME Whistles PRESTIGE range of high end, precious metal and jewellery whistles.
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