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A Tournament of Masters

by AcmeWhistles, June 2018

The 2018 Over-50s Masters Football World Cup in Spain

This year, ACME Whistles have enjoyed the privilege of sponsoring the England Team Over-50s Masters Football World Cup in Spain.

Founded in 2006, the Over-50s Masters is the brainchild of Dr Harry Hubball. Initially, it was part of a research project for the University of British Columbia and features teams of players falling into specific age ranges. In teams of 5, they compete against other teams from around the world to be the proud winners of the Masters Soccer World Cup.

What we found extremely appealing about this tournament is the fact that the competition brings together people from all over the world, with different backgrounds and cultures, for a thoroughly enjoyable sporting event.

ACME Whistles - Sponsors of the England Over-50s Masters Team

As sponsors to the England team, England Old Stars, it was exciting to be a part of this relatively new sporting tradition which supports and encourages people of all ages to pursue their sporting goals and above all, to have fun.

ACME Whistles presented ACME Thunderer whistles to the Spanish referees

The ACME Thunderer has been associated with the sport of football for decades, and is known for its reliable operation on the playing field; it is because of this that the ACME Thunderer has been considered the ideal referees’ whistle, both officially and unofficially, being the whistle of choice used by FIFA and Hockey Canada referees, among others.

The tournament for 2018 saw the England Over-50s team compete in Spain. While they didn’t bring home the trophy this year, they played some excellent matches and finished among the final four teams.

Spanish referees on the day couldn’t believe their luck when they were presented with top of the range engraved, personalised ACME Thunderer whistles. These were presented by England Old Stars captain, Andy Munro, on behalf of ACME Whistles.

ACME Thunderer engraved for Over-50s World Cup in SpainAndy said that although they reached the last four in the competition, even with the gift of football whistles they weren’t awarded any penalties, which might have been a good job given the past record of England teams taking penalties!

Following May 2018’s challenges and excitement, the England Old Stars are feeling optimistic about their next Over-50s tournament and are looking forward to plenty of friendly matches in the coming months!

What is next for ACME Whistles?

Supporting our local community and representing important causes has always been a priority for us; stay tuned to find out what the 2nd half of 2018 will bring!