Military Whistles WWII

Whistles used by servicemen during WWII

Whistles used during WWII are still made in Birmingham, using much of the same machinery that was used during the early and mid 20th Century as well as traditional hand finishing techniques.

WWII Military Whistles

Military whistles as used during World War II are still made today in much the same way as they were at the time. We have a small but highly skilled team at our factory in Birmingham; they specialise in manufacturing these whistles by hand, using much of the same machinery that was used in the factory during the war. It is during World War II that our Birmingham premises were damaged during an air raid; damage that can still be seen in our factory to this day. Thankfully, no ACME employees were hurt during the raid, but it really gave them a lasting impression of the war.

Many of our whistle models are no strangers to war. Iconic models such as the Metropolitan Police whistle and the Thunderer have long been associated with military service and were used extensively during World Wars I and II. A model that was unique to World War II is the ACME Clicker. An unusual piece of kit, the ACME Clicker was used by airborne troops during Operation Tonga and the D-Day Landings in 1944. It produces a loud and clear clicking sound, and played a vital role in field communications at the time.

The ACME Clicker And Other WWII Whistles

In this modern age of automation and mass production we feel that it’s important to try and stay true to your beginnings. Our whistles and clickers are still made using traditional techniques, and many are hand made using the original machinery. This is because it gives the whistles a high quality feel and finish, and also means that each whistle and clicker is hand checked and guaranteed before it leaves the workshop. The ACME Clicker had an integral role to play in the D-Day landings during WWIIl As a result, our replica D-Day clickers have become a popular piece of WWII memorabilia. D-Day enthusiasts may also be interested in learning more about our recent search and subsequent discovery of one of the original D-Day clickers that we now make replicas of.

While they are a little bigger than standard dog clickers, the ACME Clicker has become a popular dog training accessory. This is not its original purpose, but it means that the clicker has a firm place in today’s world. Robust and solid, many dog trainers swear by their ACME Clickers. If you would like to know more about the range or if you have any questions, please do get in touch with us.