Ice Hockey Whistles

High quality whistles for ice hockey practice and competitions

These are official ice hockey whistles preferred by referees at all club levels. With a traditional deep tone that will make sure you are heard, no matter how rowdy the crowd gets, you will easily be able to command the attention of the players with the rich and variable tone of our pea whistles or the shrill, resounding call of our airfast whistles.

Ice Hockey Referee's Whistle

In the sporting world, no whistle has ever made such an impact on an international level as the ACME Thunderer. It proudly claims the title of being the world’s first specially designed sporting whistle, as has been used in sports including football, athletics, ice hockey, rugby and more at a local and international level. Prized for its rolling, trilling call, this has long been the whistle of choice for professional ice hockey referees, and its familiar sound is unmistakable for sports fans.

As well as the ever popular ACME Thunderer, we have also developed and perfected a two tone hockey whistle which is incredibly popular with hockey referees who prefer a slightly more musical tone from their whistles. It is called the Two Tone Hockey Flute, and many referees swear by it as its unique call cannot be missed. Whatever your personal preferences, and whether you referee on a local club level or for teams competing internationally, once you have used a genuine ACME ice hockey referee whistle you will never look back.

Choosing an Ice Hockey Referee Whistle

There are a number of different whistles to choose from in the ACME range, but choosing your new ice hockey whistle could not be easier. The most popular options are the Two Tone Hockey Flute, and the ACME Thunderer 58.5. These enduring classics will fit the bill for most ice hockey referees. The Thunderer 58.5 is an extra large whistle which has a deep, authoritative tone, but we also provide Thunderers to different size specifications which give different tones. We also provide a Thunderer with a finger grip, or a glove grip. These are a great way to keep your whistle out of the way but close at hand when you need it.

Most of our metal referee whistles can be engraved with a personal message up to 50 characters long, and can be further personalised with finger grips, chains, lanyards and presentation boxes. For more information on our range of referee whistles, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us online; we are always happy to help.