Netball Whistles

Netball whistles for umpires and coaches

Our netball whistles have been carefully developed and designed with the fast paced environment of a netball match in mind. Over the years we have been constantly improving our sports whistles to ensure they are efficient and reliable on court and our netball whistles are trusted by umpires on an international level. They create a loud and clear sound yet require minimal effort, whilst offering flexibility in your whistle calls through a variable pitch and tone.

Netball Whistles

A whistle is a key part of an umpire’s uniform during a netball match, and is a crucial part to the game itself. Imagine the frenzy that would occur without the loud and clear blow of a whistle to signal a foul or an injury. An umpire is reliant on their whistle, and choosing the best whistle available is important in order for them to be heard during a match. ACME sports whistles have been trusted by netball umpires for generations, both in small local leagues and world famous international competitions. Most recently, ACME netball whistles were the popular choice for all officials at the Netball World Cup 2019 held in Liverpool.

In 1884, ACME Whistles revolutionised the sports scene by producing the world’s first whistle designed specifically for sporting purposes. Named the ACME Thunderer, it soon became iconic in the sporting world due to its reliably consistent performance and is still a favourite amongst officials and umpires world-wide - including England Netball, FIFA, and Hockey Canada. The ACME sports whistles saw a huge surge of popularity in the 1950s and 1960s across five continents, and is extensively used for sporting competitions such as the Olympics and has been for generations.

Our Range of Netball Umpire Whistles

It is important to us here at ACME Whistles that we keep developing and expanding the range of sports whistles we produce for netball umpires. After noticing a strong demand for referee whistles with different specifications, we created 8 different versions of the ACME Thunderer. The modern range includes airfast whistle models such as the ACME Tornado and the Cyclone, as well as plastic versions of the Thunderer which are perfect for cold climates as they are gentle on the hands and mouth in comparison to their metal counterpart.