The Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection

The heritage range from J Hudson & Co Whistles Ltd comprises of whistles selected for their special pedigree. Some are world firsts, others have historical connections to important times, events or activities. All of them have their own unique and original tale to tell. All of the ACME whistles in this range are currently used anywhere in the modern world where a good effective whistle is essential. 

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ACME Heritage Collection

Faithful replicas of ACME whistles manufactured for military use during World War I and World War II are still handmade at our Birmingham factory - alongside other iconic and world famous models such as the ACME Scout Master - using some of the original machinery from the turn of the 20th Century. These whistles played an important role in scouting and military history; for example the ACME Clicker was used by airborne troops during the D-Day landings, and the ACME Thunderer was the original flight jacket whistle used by the RAF and the USAAF.

Metal whistles in the Heritage Collection can be personalised with a message of your choice, including names, dates, and messages up to 50 characters in length. This makes our Heritage Collection military whistles and scout whistles the perfect gift or memento for a friend or loved one. They are especially popular gifts among veterans and history buffs, and those currently serving in military roles.

Heritage Military Whistles

The Broad Arrow mark which is engraved on some of our heritage whistles dates back to the mid 16th Century and has long been used to mark items purchased with money from the Crown, as well as to mark government property. It is widely associated with the Board of Ordnance and the King’s Navy, and is instantly recognisable to those familiar with the British military as it has been used historically to mark guns, ammunition and equipment. Following the closure of the Board of Ordnance, the Broad Arrow symbol continued to be used by the War Department and later by the Ministry of Defence.

We are proud of our heritage and to have played such an important role in our nation’s military and scouting history. A definitive selection of our most iconic heritage whistles are available to purchase online directly from our factory and can be delivered to your chosen address. While we aim to fulfill and ship your order in as short a time frame as possible, please do bear in mind that adding whistle personalisation to your order can increase the lead time on your order slightly. If you need your whistle for a particular date and aren’t sure when to make your order, do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

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