Industrial & Service Whistles

Sound solutions are often needed as a fail safe or backup to complicated monitoring devices that depend on a power source. Some of our industrial whistles such as the mine safety whistle can take several years to develop.

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Industrial & Service Whistles

Every whistle in the ACME range has its place, and the same is true for our general service and industrial whistles. Known for their versatile range of applications, they offer sound solutions when a failsafe or backup system is needed to accompany complicated monitoring devices that depend on a power source. Some of our industrial use whistles have been perfected over the course of years, such as the mine safety whistle, and have proven invaluable in the industrial setting.

Security personnel, police, and certain roles in the military all have their own special needs in a whistle. For example, those operating in cold environments will benefit from a plastic airfast whistle which will not be uncomfortable to use in freezing conditions and does not contain a pea which can freeze in place inside the whistle. Each of these industrial and service whistles has been designed to fill a niche and have been crafted to meet the demanding specifications of official departments across the globe.

Reliable Industrial & Service Whistles For Demanding Environments

Working closely with our partners’ guidance, we have created whistles for industrial and general service use that form effective signalling systems in the most taxing of environments. These whistles are built for robustness and reliability, and can be safely operated in areas where the air may be laden with dust or gas, or in proximity to hazardous substances. Unlike electrical safety systems, these whistles do not depend on a reliable current to function. Many are operated using pressure within the system itself, and therefore make a reassuring addition to business operations.

Manufactured in Birmingham, a city with a well-known industrial past, these general purpose whistles have faithfully served customers both locally and globally. The metal whistles in this range can be engraved with a message up to 50 characters in length. This is a useful addition in the workplace as it allows customers to mark company property with a name or serial number as required. If you would like to know more about any of our general service or industrial whistles, or if you are unsure of which will best suit your needs then contact us online or by telephone.

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