The ACME Tornado

Airfast whistles (no peas) are popular in many sports. These lend themselves particularly to short, sharp blows for effectiveness and do require good lung pressure to get the best performance. But when they are used properly, they certainly get attention.

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ACME Tornado Whistles


The ACME Tornado differs from pea whistles like the Thunderer; it contains no pea, and is known as an ‘airfast’ whistle. These are popular in many sports and they lend themselves particularly well to short, sharp blasts where they are most effective. It does require good lung pressure to get the best performance out of these whistles, but when used correctly they are very good at getting attention. As the ACME Tornado doesn’t contain a pea the sound is not as variable as whistles that do.


The ACME Tornado is one of our most popular plastic whistles as it has a number of features which make it the whistle of choice in certain circumstances. Due to the Tornado’s pealess, plastic design it is a great choice for those operating in freezing conditions. In such conditions, the pea can become stuck inside the whistle, and metal whistles can be uncomfortable in cold conditions. Due to its resilient plastic structure, the Tornado is also a fantastic option in aquatic environments and is suitable for lifeguards, swimming judges and fishermen alike.


The Airfast ACME Tornado


Plastic airfast whistles such as the Tornado whistle are a favourite among sporting people as they have a range of volumes and pitches which fit the bill, and can help coaches and referees avoid confusion on the field especially when multiple games are happening next to each other. This whistle is characterised by its ability to produce an extremely loud and piercing sound that carries well in demanding conditions. Differences in the size and shape of the Tornado make this possible, and you can listen to the different sounds made by the ACME Tornado range online.


Providing you with a high quality and reliable whistle is our main priority and as such we have spent time carefully developing this range to meet the exacting needs of our customers. If you have any questions or comments on the Tornado range, then please don’t hesitate to contact our team by telephone or online.


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