ACME Classics

ACME classics include the famous Metropolitan Police whistle - the world's first police whistle - which takes pride of place within this iconic range.

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ACME Classics

Classics such as the ACME Thunderer and the Metropolitan Police Whistle have been part of our core range for decades, and have earned a special place in the history of our company. For example, the Metropolitan Police whistle revolutionised the police force at the end of the 19th Century. Police officers used to have to communicate using large, clumsy rattles which could only be heard over short distances, making it difficult to summon support from other officers when it was needed. Joseph Hudson developed the first Metropolitan Police whistle which was put in to use in 1883; this allowed officers to communicate effectively over long distances in a time before mobile telephones and walkie talkies.

Another whistle with a robust ACME pedigree is the ACME Thunderer. Used extensively throughout modern history, they could be found on board the Titanic as well as forming an important part of military uniforms, such as the RAF flight jacket. These classic ACME whistles are largely made by hand using traditional techniques that we have used since our beginnings, and are all still proudly assembled in our home city of Birmingham.

Airfast Alternatives to the ACME Thunderer

Airfast whistles, including the ACME Tornado as used by FIFA referees, are an important addition to the classics range as they are a versatile alternative to pea whistles like the ACME Thunderer. This makes them ideal for use in cold weather, as when the temperature dips below freezing the pea can become temporarily stuck. They also have the benefit of plastic construction, which you may find more comfortable to operate in the cold. One thing to bear in mind is that they may need a slightly stronger blow than traditional pea whistles to reach maximum volume.

Any of the metal whistles in the Heritage collection can be engraved with a personalised message of your choice, up to 50 characters in length; this is a nice touch if you are purchasing a whistle as a gift, or to mark a special occasion. Opting for engraving can slightly increase the time it takes to get your order to you, so if you need your ACME Classic whistle for a particular date or would like some help in choosing a message, then please do get in touch with us for assistance.

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