Outdoor, Country & Hunting Whistles

Authentic duck calls, bird calls, harkers and specialist hunting whistles are an essential for the field sports enthusiast. Other ranges such as safety and survival whistles also fit into this category. These often traditional treasures are part of a country lifestyle that is unique to this sporting arena.

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Outdoor & Country Pursuits

When you are out and about in the great outdoors there are plenty of situations where you may be in need of a high quality, reliable whistle. Many an outdoorsman will tell you how important it can be to carry a whistle in your outdoor safety and survival kit; the main purpose they serve is to allow you to signal for help in an emergency. They are much louder and their piercing sound carries further than the human voice - especially if adverse weather and rugged terrain are thrown into the mix, both of which can have a muffling effect on sounds.

Furthermore, certain whistles designed for the outdoors can make excellent sporting companions for those who enjoy hunting. Hunting whistles and horns have been used in the sport for generations, and their sound is unmistakable. Whether you are in need of a quality harking or beaters’ horn, or are looking for high quality, reliable and realistic bird calls to draw in your target animal, the range available at ACME Whistles can complete your outdoor and country pursuits kit.

Survival & Hunting Whistles

Many of our hunting whistles have a surprising dual purpose; they are popular additions to orchestras and musical groups across the globe, and some even have an interesting claim to fame. For example, the iconic ACME duck call made a guest appearance in a light hearted Kit Kat advert which aired in 1994. They are known for their reliability and ease of use; just a short practice with your new whistle and you will be recreating true-to-life animal calls in no time. You can listen to a demonstration of our whistles being used correctly online, just click on the ‘Sound Whistle’ button that appears on the whistle’s page.

Specialist survival and hunting whistles are a must-have accessory for the avid outdoorsman or woman, they are crafted from high quality materials including metal, wood, and staghorn tines. The survival or hunting whistle that you choose will depend on the intended use. Hunters and even photographers can use various duck and bird calls to help them get that perfect shot, and most outdoorsmen can benefit from the extra security that comes with carrying a trusted survival whistle.

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