Bird Call Whistles

Professional bird call whistles are versatile whistles which have a surprising range of uses. Ideal for orchestral and musical uses, ACME bird whistles are also excellent tools when hunting or bird watching.

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Bird Call Whistles

There are many pursuits that benefit from the use of a high quality bird call whistle, and some examples may surprise you. Of course, bird call whistles are used extensively in hunting but they also have a prominent place in orchestras and musical schools; photographers can sometimes use a bird call to help them get that perfect nature shot. As you can see, there are many creative uses for a quality bird call whistle that go beyond the obvious.

A realistic and consistently high performing bird call whistle can make a great deal of difference when used correctly. To listen to each of our bird calls being used, simply open the whistle page and click on the ‘Sound Whistle’ button. Popular classics from this range include the ACME duck call which featured in a Kit Kat advert that ran in the 1990s, and the cuckoo call which is used extensively in orchestras and is known for its distinct and melancholic tone.

Which Bird Whistle Should I Buy?

Which bird whistle you choose will depend on the intended use. Keen hunters can choose from a range of authentic calls from our bird whistles, such as the duck and predator calls we produce, depending on the target animal. Our cuckoo, crow, nightingale and pigeon calls are popular for their true to life sound and all are excellent for creating various sound effects. These bird whistles have been carefully developed over a number of years to fulfill a particular niche and are all made in our factory in Birmingham - the city where it all began.

Buy your new ACME bird call whistle with confidence - each one is tested and quality assured before being dispatched, and all bear our iconic name. Though many companies have attempted to copy our designs there is nothing quite like a genuine ACME whistle; we strive for perfection in tone, sound and volume, as well as placing a high emphasis on attractive yet practical design. If you are interested in becoming a distributor of our bird whistles or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team by telephone or online.

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