Orchestral & Musical Whistles

Orchestral & Musical Whistles

A selection of orchestral and musical whistles. These musical whistles are used to create an array of sounds from bird calls to Samba whistle effects.

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Musical Whistles

The ACME range of musical whistles forms a very special category of whistles, one that offers an incredible range of different whistle models and designs which produce a huge array of sounds. They are incredibly versatile and are well known for the quality and consistency of the sound they produce; this makes them a highly successful addition when used in orchestras, musical groups and classrooms all over the world.

Many of the whistles in this musical category have a dual purpose - as well as being able to produce faithful and realistic sound effects for orchestral use, many can also make excellent hunting companions such as the ACME musical horns and various bird calls. Each of our whistles has been crafted in high quality materials that are known to enhance the performance of the whistle. For example, the ACME Skylark is crafted in wood which gives it a rich tone, and other models use metals and plastics to give the best musical sound.

Buying Musical Whistles Online

We provide a complete range of musical whistles designed to meet all your orchestral needs. When you choose an ACME whistle you can buy with confidence; we have been a household name in whistles for generations, and have been perfecting our craft since the development of the original Metropolitan Police whistle in 1884. As a nice finishing touch, it is possible to opt for engraving to be added to many of our metal whistles. This is possible because all our whistles are manufactured in-house by an expert team, in much the same way as things were done in the early days of J Hudson & Co.

To add engraving to your chosen whistle, simply type your message as you would like it to appear in the box next to the whistle’s name or model number. This process can sometimes delay the delivery of your whistles slightly; if you need them for a particular date then do give us a call and we can offer advice. It is also possible to add presentation boxes, chains and lanyards to your order to keep your new whistle safe and secure.

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