Beater & Harking Horns

Beater & Harking Horns

The perfect accessory to your hunts, our beater horns and harking horns are a traditional and effective way to communicate while on the hunt.

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Beaters & Harking Horns

For the serious and accomplished hunter, hunts often follow a certain procedure, almost like a ritual. There are certain checks to be made, a certain order things are done, and of course there are those who have important supporting roles in the hunt. Aside from the huntsmen and dog handlers, beaters also play an important role in all kinds of hunts; their role is especially important when hunting fowl such as pheasant, grouse and other game birds. The beater is tasked with moving through areas with moderate to heavy ground cover, usually armed with a stick, flag, or similar instrument. This drives the prey into the open where the huntsman or woman can get a clear shot, and the action itself is called a ‘drive’.

The beater will usually carry a harking horn which can be used to get the attention of the rest of the hunt party from long distances. This is important when hunts are taking place over large areas and when there is a large hunting party to manage. All members of the hunting party will need to be familiar with the calls that the beater makes with their harking horn and it is an important means of communication to help keep everything organised.

Choosing Your New Harking Horns & Beater Horns

ACME have designed and manufactured a complete range of beater and harking horns which are known for their quality and authenticity. Preferred by huntsmen and women globally, they are largely hand made using traditional techniques. The horns are especially popular in Europe and North America where they are a common sight on hunts.

We offer beater and harking horns in two sizes, small (6 inches) and large (11 inches), which both feature the same high quality tooling and finish in either polished brass or gleaming nickel plating. The harking horns are identical in size and shape to our regular horns, but are hand tuned and fitted with a reed to produce a raucous and attention-grabbing blast. These horns can be finished with a message up to 50 characters in length, simply write your message how you would like it to appear in the adjacent box before checking out.

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