Metropolitan Police Whistles

Metropolitan Police Whistles

Known for its reliability, our Metropolitan Police whistle was painstakingly developed over 150 years ago. It can be heard up to a mile away and is easy to blow, making it the perfect police whistle.

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ACME Metropolitan Police Whistle

One of our most popular and enduring whistle designs is the ACME Metropolitan Police whistle. This is a whistle with a rich history, and an iconic look and sound that is all its own. Pre-1870, the London Metropolitan Police depended on heavy and cumbersome rattles to signal to each other over long distances. They were not particularly effective and an alternative was needed. Joseph Hudson created the Metropolitan Police whistle after an unfortunate incident when a violin was dropped, producing an ear splitting sound. The resulting whistle is an icon of the Metropolitan Police force’s history, one that revolutionised communications for Bobbies on the beat in its time.

It was on the back of the Metropolitan Police whistle that Joseph Hudson built his company here in Birmingham, and the range has continued to grow and develop since. Variations on the Metropolitan Police whistle have been popular among Scout and Guide groups internationally, as well as being the original trench whistle used during World War I. It produces a distinct, crisp and reliable sound when used correctly, and its durable design will give you years of faithful service.

Choosing Your Metropolitan Police Whistle

These whistles are no ordinary replicas; they are still hand made using traditional techniques and original machinery, right here in Birmingham - just as they were in the old days. We are proud of this heritage, and this shows in the quality of our craftsmanship. These police whistles are all made to exacting standards, and each one is quality tested before it leaves our factory. They make unusual and thoughtful gifts, and are popular among history enthusiasts and those with connections to the military and police force.

If you are giving an ACME Metropolitan Police whistle as a gift, why not add that finishing touch and have a personal message engraved. This is a delightful way to commemorate special dates - be they anniversaries, birthdays, or other meaningful occasions. Engraving can delay delivery slightly; call us for advice if you’re not sure when to place your order. It is also possible to pair your chosen police whistle with an attractive lanyard or chain which also provides extra security for your whistle.

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