Personalised Whistles

The gift of personalised metal whistles

Choosing the perfect gift for a friend or loved one can be hard to get right, especially if the gift commemorates a special occasion like an anniversary, graduation, or retirement.

ACME whistles have proven to have an extraordinary appeal when given as gifts; they are striking, unusual, surprisingly practical, and the degree of craftsmanship that goes into the creation of each of our metal whistles is a delight to behold.

Beautifully engraved metal whistles

Engraved whistles by ACME make thoughtful and practical gifts for all occasions, and are highly valued for their pioneering designs and superior quality.

ACME have been the creators behind many world-firsts, such as the silent dog whistle and Metropolitan Police whistle which have become iconic all over the world.

Beautifully engraved metal whistles make wonderful gifts for all those special occasions. Browse the collection online.

Why choose personalised whistles?

Upon handling a genuine ACME whistle, the quality of the piece becomes immediately obvious; they have a wonderful tactile quality and solid construction which is thanks to our traditional manufacturing process.

Made largely by hand using original equipment from the turn of the 20th Century, it’s a matter of pride that our whistles are still manufactured by a skilled team in our home city of Birmingham, in the West Midlands.

Today, our whistles can be found all over the world, and are held in very high regard for their quality and form.

A reputation for quality

There are many reasons why you may choose to give the gift of ACME personalised whistles; they have proven to be popular among those serving in the military, police services, and those involved in outdoor and sporting communities as ACME whistles feature prominently in these lines of work.

It can certainly be said that ACME Whistles have a unique cultural and historical significance, and a rich heritage that spans generations; a fact that has lead to ACME Whistles becoming a household name with a reputation for quality and innovation.

Engraved whistles with a rich heritage

This reputation is thanks in part to the revolutionary design used for the world-famous Metropolitan Police whistle, and other ACME firsts such as the silent dog whistle, both of which are incredibly popular today..

Both of these are available as part of our Prestige range, in finishes including warm rose gold tones and timeless silver which look beautiful as engraved whistles.

Even today, our whistles are being updated for the modern user, and new and exciting designs introduced.

Engraved whistles with a unique look

One of our most visually striking engraved whistles can be created by opting to include engraving with a purchase of our metal whistles in matt black finish.

These engraved whistles show an appealing contrast as the whistle engraving process partially reveals the brass colour of the metal beneath the matt black coating.

The vast majority of our everyday metal whistles can be personalised to add that finishing touch, however we recently showcased our Prestige range of metal whistles at the Birmingham NEC Spring Fair, where they created quite the buzz.

The ACME Prestige Range

Including timeless and classic designs such as the ACME Thunderer and our most popular dog whistles in luxury finishes ranging from sterling silver to on-trend rose gold, these whistles can also be personalised to include a message of your choosing.

Alongside the ACME Whistles Prestige range of full-size, fully functional whistles you will also find a unique range of jewellery.

This line includes our stunning, workable miniature ACME Thunderer whistle necklace, one of which we were honoured to present to the Duchess of Cambridge during a recent visit.

Ordering a personalised whistle

ACME personalised whistles (or personalized whistles, to our friends across the pond) are engraved by hand by our skilled engraver, and you can choose a personal message up to 50 characters in length. To add this service to your whistle purchase, simply write your message into the box next to the whistle you have chosen and add it to your order.

If you need your personalised whistles for a particular date and are unsure when you are best to make your order, please do contact us  and we will advise you; the whistle engraving process can mean your order has a slightly longer lead time than unpersonalised whistle orders.

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