The ACME Cyclone

The ACME Cyclone is an air fast whistle (no peas), but is less effort to blow than our Tornado model without sacrificing volume and control. This is an excellent durable and loud whistle.

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The ACME Cyclone Whistle

The Cyclone is one of our more recent whistle developments, and it has many features which are similar to the Tornado. The way the Cyclone differs, however, is that it takes less lung power to blow when compared to the Tornado, and what’s more, the Cyclone does not sacrifice any of the impressive volume or control that the Tornado offers, making it an excellent option when extra volume is needed.

Like the majority of the modern whistles in this style, the Cyclone is an airfast whistle and therefore does not contain a pea. This makes a useful tool in harsh weather conditions - such as extreme coldness - as the sound produced does not depend on a pea that can be damaged or become stuck when the temperature dips below 0℃. As it is constructed entirely in hard wearing and durable plastic it is highly resistant to rust and corrosion, this makes it the ideal whistle to use poolside, or in other aquatic and marine environments.

The ACME Range of Airfast Whistles

When Joseph Hudson started out designing and manufacturing whistles in Birmingham in the 1800s, the majority of original designs depended on the addition of a pea in the main chamber which helps produce the rolling, trilling call of traditional whistles. As the range grew and developed, airfast whistles were added to the permanent range of whistles produced by ACME Whistles. Unlike pea whistles, airfast whistles do not offer the range of sounds, tones and volumes that can be achieved by varying the blow rate. These whistles provide an incredibly loud, shrill call which will certainly get attention.

The ACME range of airfast whistles includes the Cyclone, the Tornado, and the ACME Survival whistle among others. Airfast whistles make excellent, reliable additions to your kit. They can be paired with chains and lanyards, helping you to make sure your ACME whistle is always close to hand when you need it. If you have any questions about the ACME Cyclone or any of our other airfast whistles, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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