ACME Silent Dog Whistles

ACME Silent Dog Whistles

Silent dog whistles, originally developed by ACME Whistles, have had a dramatic effect on how dogs are trained in the modern day. Discrete and effective, they make excellent dog training companions and have a variable pitch to suit your dog's needs.

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ACME Silent Dog Whistles

Popular among professional and hobby dog trainers alike, the silent dog whistle is considered by some to be the pinnacle of dog training equipment. With some practice, you can learn to communicate effectively with your dog, and can enjoy the relative peace that comes with using a silent dog whistle. ACME Whistles are proud to have developed the world’s first silent dog whistle, and today it is still known as a true original with devoted users all around the globe.

Of course, no whistle is truly silent; they simply operate at such a high frequency that human ears cannot detect it. Humans can hear sounds up to about 20 000 Hz which declines as we age. Dogs have much more sensitive hearing than our own; they can hear sounds up to an impressive 45 000 Hz, so the whistle sound is easily within their range of hearing. Our tried and trusted design allows you to alter the pitch of the silent dog whistle to tailor it to your dog’s needs. Some will respond better to either a higher or lower frequency, so this feature on our silent dog whistles gives you the freedom to find out what works best for your dog training sessions.

Buying A Silent Dog Whistle Online

Using a silent dog whistle has many benefits. As the sound can be altered it is possible to train multiple dogs at different frequencies. It also means that you do not need to try out multiple fixed pitch whistles to find the one that works best for you, which saves time and money when it is critical to begin training right away, as with young puppies. Sound from the silent dog whistle travels up to an impressive 1.5km, making it a vital tool when training your dog outdoors and for long distance work as with gun dogs and other working retrievers.

You can listen to our silent dog whistle online - simply click on the ‘Sound Whistle’ button on the whistle’s page. If you are planning on buying silent dog whistles as a gift, our engraving service can add that final touch allowing you to add a personalised message up to 50 characters long.

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