Duck Call Whistles

Duck Call Whistles

ACME duck call whistles are all individually tested before they leave our factory, so you can be assured that your new call will be reliable and produce the consistent sound that demanding hunters need.

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Duck Call Whistles

The ACME Duck Call is an iconic whistle used by outdoorsmen, bird watchers, and hunters all over the world to recreate a reliable and true to life duck call. It is possible to alter the tone and pitch of the duck call to create the lower call of the drakes or the higher pitched call of the hens, and with a little practice you can create a huge variety of duck calls. This variety in your duck call whistle is important as ducks use different calls almost like a language.

Ducks coming in to land on the water make a particular call, and can be encouraged to touch down when they hear this call replicated. Likewise, many species use a warning call if danger is spotted on the ground. Replicating this call effectively can encourage the birds to take wing, giving you a clear view of the birds. There are clear benefits to mastering the ACME Duck Call which can be enjoyed by hunters, bird watchers, nature photographers and more. The calls you want to make will depend on the activities you are taking part in and the type of duck you are working with.

Choosing Your ACME Duck Call Whistle

The classic ACME Duck Call whistle is available in a choice of specifications to suit your needs. They feature fully adjustable reeds to help create a variable and true to life call which can be mastered with a small amount of practice. For durability, it is made from a robust plastic body which makes it ideal for use in outdoor settings as it is resistant to shattering and does not become uncomfortably cold to handle in cold weather conditions.

For extra convenience, there is a model which features a generous rubber grip on the handle; this is ideal in damp and wet conditions which can make the plastic whistle a little slippery. The duck call also comes in a wood wind variety which is made from wood. This gives the whistle a slightly different resonance and makes is particularly well suited to orchestral use. We also make whistling calls such as the bird warbler which can be used alongside the duck calls with good results.

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