Chains & Lanyards

Whistle accessories

A selection of chains and lanyards to keep your ACME whistle safe and secure while in use.

Whistle Lanyards & Chains For Dog Whistles


Once you have chosen your whistles from the ACME range, you can complete your purchase with high quality chains and lanyards for your whistle. They do more than simply look good; they can help keep your new whistle safe and secure when not in use, as well as giving you a convenient way of carrying your whistle while keeping it conveniently within reach, ready at a moments notice. Our range of whistle lanyards serve as a popular option for dog owners looking for dog whistle lanyards to keep their dog whistles easily accessible. 


We stock a good range of different types of whistle lanyards and chains; we have modern lanyards as well as more traditional styles, and the one that you choose will depend on how you prefer to carry your whistle.


How To Choose Your Whistle Accessories


In certain environments you will need to take health and safety guidance into consideration when choosing your whistle lanyards. For example, if you are purchasing a whistle to use in the educational environment such as a school, you may be required by school policy to use a break away lanyard. These are specially designed to come open if they are caught or pulled on, which is an important health and safety feature. Alternatively, we also stock wrist lanyards which loop over the hand and wrist. These are popular among people who need to use the whistle as well as their voice and other equipment, and prefer to keep the whistle close by and conveniently accessed.


If you prefer a traditional whistle lanyard then our fixed or sliding knot lanyards have a classic look that will complement your whistle nicely while storing it securely. If you are choosing one of our classic designs such as the Metropolitan Police whistle or a Boatswain's pipe, you may prefer to complete the look with a chain rather than a fabric lanyard. These add to the authentic, traditional look of the whistles making them a great option when gift giving or when historical accuracy is appreciated, for example when they are used as part of a uniform or when used in reenactments. For more information on any of our whistles, chains and lanyards, please do get in touch with us.