ACME Alpha Dog Whistle

The ALPHA is the most efficient whistle ever made. Its frequencies generated are now concentrated in the dog’s middle octave hearing range, enabling the dog to hear with more clarity. Its contemporary design encompasses a new comfort grip in the hand and mouth. You only have to breath into it for a quality sound enabling you to produce commands so quiet they are almost inaudible to people - perfect for close working dogs. The ALPHA is easier to use and produces a far greater variety of whistling sounds and styles so owners can communicate effectively with their dog, helping to maintain control.

  • Enhanced performance and control of your commands.
  • The Comfort Grip add stability in the hand in all weather conditions.
  • Easier to blow due to a reduction in air loss, allowing for quieter sounding more responsive commands.
  • Made in the UK using the most technologically advanced materials and production methods to create a World leading product.

The ACME Alpha Range - The Best Dog Whistles in the World

Developed over four years in collaboration with World Champion trainers to create an unrivalled whistle. Patented sound chambers offer a more efficient use of air. That means brighter sound giving you better command and a more responsive dog, close-to and over distance. These all-new designs are effortless to blow and, because of that, give you the greatest flexibility to vary your breath, your whistling style, and your choice of commands. The all over comfort grip offers softness in the mouth and perfect handling in all conditions. Over the fields and hills, on the beach, in your local park or at home this new range will ensure you lead your pack.


Greater distances

The ALPHA gives the ability to work with the dog over even greater distances, with up to 17% increase in range of working.


More Responsive

The frequencies generated by the ALPHA are concentrated in the dog's middle octave hearing range enabling the dog to hear it more clearly.


Sharper Sounding

The ALPHA is 8% louder with a crisper sound, making it even easier for the dog to interpret in a variety of settings.


Four Years in the Making

Extensive Research & Development has been undertaken in collaboration with the Worlds finest dog trainers to create the Best Dog Whistle in the World.

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Ben Randall

Once in a while a innovation comes that completely revolutionises the way you do things. I have used ACME whistles for over three decades with great success. So to be involved in the design, development and testing of the new ALPHA has been an honour. The new sound is cleaner crisper and enables me to communicate with my dogs in a far superior way than I ever have before.

Laura Hill

The raised bobbles on the ALPHA give greater hand grip in all weathers, and the rubber material feel much softer on your teeth, making the whistle much more comfortable to use.

Jason Mayhew

Better Grip, more tactile, the ACME ALPHA is a must for all dog handlers. After four years of testing, the clarity of sound really is a point of difference & how quickly you dog can respond even at huge distances, makes them best in class.

Lisa Coates

The ALPHA is the Worlds best dog whistle, its contemporary design & World leading performance really are second to none, a staple for any dog owner.