The ACME Thunderer

The original sports whistle

Where it all started the World's first sports whistle, used by every generation since 1884 and still appearing in World sport finals every year. The contemporary ACME Thunderer sports whistle is available in 8 different versions for every sport and every use. Totally consistent and reliable all-weather whistles.

ACME Thunderer

The ACME Thunderer is one of our most iconic and time-tested designs and it is loved by people all over the world; from sports referees and government officials to private security firms and dog trainers, people from many different professions and lifestyles depend on the reliable and consistent performance of the ACME Thunderer. It was the world’s first sports whistle, and its thundering sound can be heard on football pitches, ice hockey rinks and a multitude of other sporting environments internationally.

First developed in 1884 by a small and dedicated team, it remains one of the most popular whistle designs ever produced with poor copies being sold globally. However, when you get your hands on an authentic ACME Thunderer the superior quality of the materials and tooling becomes apparent. This is because our genuine Thunderers are still made by hand using traditional techniques and much of the original equipment dating back to the turn of the 20th Century. It is also known as the ‘Titanic whistle’, due to the fact it was used aboard the ill-fated vessel, the Titanic.

Choosing Your ACME Thunderer

There are currently eight different types of ACME Thunderer that make up the range. The main difference between the models is the overall size of the whistle or the width and length of the mouthpiece; by varying the size of the whistle and mouthpiece it is possible to achieve different sounds, tones and volumes. Generally, a larger whistle will have a louder and deeper sound than a smaller whistle, and by elongating and flaring the mouthpiece of some models, a very loud and high pitched sound can be created, whereas by tapering the mouthpiece, a deeper sound can be achieved.

The ACME Thunderer is what is known as a pea whistle. The body of the whistle contains a ‘pea’ that moves with the airflow to produce its signature rolling trill. The addition of the pea makes it possible to vary the sound produced by the whistle, making it an extremely versatile tool of communication; this sound is one of the defining characteristics of the ACME Thunderer. If you are not sure which model is right for your needs, you can listen to each type of Thunderer online. Just choose from the list of available models and click on ‘Sound Whistle’.