Marine & Aquatic Whistles

A loud whistle for marine and aquatic environments

Acme water safe whistles are designed to be effective, even after complete immersion. The right materials, rust free, able to stand sub-zero temperatures and tough enough to withstand severe impact. They are more than just a loud whistle - they are reliable and extremely durable, making them the perfect choice for a military or naval whistle. 

Marine & Aquatic Whistles


Marine and aquatic environments place high demands on any equipment used in such environments. Salt water, cold, damp conditions and high winds all contribute to wear and tear such as corrosion and cracking, especially in metal items and certain plastics. We have designed and produced a range of whistles which are perfectly suited to these demanding environments, and provide you with a reliable and consistent whistle call. They are designed to be the perfect companions for everyday use as well as to attract attention in emergencies.


Tough and durable plastics are used for the majority of our aquatic whistles; it is shatter resistant, and the lack of metal parts mean the whistles are not at risk or rusting, making them an ideal lifeguard whistle. They are also for the large part what is known in the whistle industry as ‘airfast’ whistles. This simply means they work entirely on lung power and do not contain a pea as with more traditional whistle designs. In addition to these modern whistles with plastic construction, we also make a boatswain (pronounced ‘bo-sun’)  whistle which is in itself a beautiful piece of equipment with lots of historical significance, widely used by the Australian, British, Malaysian, US and South African Navies.


Choosing The Right Marine & Aquatic Whistle


ACME whistles are made by hand here in Birmingham and shipped all over the world. There are many copycat versions of our whistles on the market, but the quality of a genuine ACME whistle simply cannot be matched. Marine, aquatic and lifeguard whistles are built to withstand rigorous demands and produce a sound which can be easily heard over loud background noise and over long distances.


These marine and aquatic whistles are ideal for boating or kayaking trips, they are also excellent lifeguard whistles and are perfect for use poolside or at the beach, and are a valuable addition to any safety and survival kit. Each design has its own specification in terms of sound, volume and tone. You can have a listen to most of our whistles by clicking on the ‘Sound Whistle’ button. You will find that there is a good selection of different whistle tones and sounds that can be achieved with our whistles from the soft and mellifluous to the shrill and insistent.