ACME Remembers

During World War II ACME Whistles played a vital role in the war effort. There was no commercial trade as production during this time was given over entirely to making thousands of whistles for the war effort, and of course, Clickers.

The Birmingham factory itself was bombed when incendiary bombs were dropped and one found its way down the lift shaft, exploding in the cellar. Whistles were sent raining out into the streets of Birmingham. A third of the factory was utterly demolished, but so essential were its products that it was rebuilt in just four days.

We're contacted regularly with ACME Thunderers, Metropolitan Police Whistles, Artillery Whistles and Infantry Whistles used in World War II, but never a Clicker. To mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings we would love to find as many of the original Clickers as possible.

Perhaps your great-grandad was a D-Day veteran, maybe he has a box of war medals where it could lie waiting to be discovered? Maybe a neighbour is a widow of a D-Day veteran who doesn’t realise the significance of the unassuming Clicker? We ask that people start seeking them out, to see if they can unearth a lost piece of sound history.

If and when the Clickers are found veterans, friends and family who take ownership of them will be invited to a special commemorative day, hosted by ACME Whistles.

If you’d like to share this message far and wide, the ‘Lost Clicker’ call to action video can be found here. If you believe you’re in possession of an original ACME Clicker please contact Ben McFarlane at [email protected] or call 01215542124.

Alternatively, feel free to message us on Instagram @ACME_whistles