Worldwide sports bodies, safety organisations, charities and government departments all around the World rely on ACME whistles. Globally renowned fashion and retail brands buy our exclusively designed and precious products. Just as they are important to our reputation, we are important to theirs.


Our classic designs and legendary quality have elevated our brand names to amongst those few that are so well known as to be mistaken for generic terms, Thunderer & ACME being two obvious examples.


When have you ever bought anything of true quality and failed to come to love it. The affection in which ACME whistles is held by millions of users worldwide tells its own tale. These are discerning people who demand the best and nothing less.

Stakes are often higher than you might imagine, an ACME whistle sounds the end of a sporting World Final and half the world is elated and the other half is devastated. This was the vital tool of authority that orchestrated the arrival to this point. To be that trusted requires totally integrity.

International Dog Trials, safety in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, the vibrant playing of Haydn’s Toy Symphony by the finest orchestras in the World all require total dependability and trust in those who depend upon the ACME whistle for perfect performance.

Since our humble beginnings as Hudson's Whistles, ACME Whistles have become well established as leaders in the industry, and have gained a reputation for being at the forefront of whistle development and design.

Many of our most popular whistles have been in production for generations such as the ACME Thunderer and the Metropolitan Police whistle, and as such, Hudson's Whistles and later ACME Whistles have become a household name, known for a dedication to quality and innovation. 

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Building that level of recognition and reputation requires decades of hard work and dedication to the product. ACME is an independent company that manufactures everything it offers itself in our Birmingham factory. From conception through design to production and market launch the process is never out of our hands. Our customers love our products and so do we in equal measure. Trends change, fashions and cycles ebb away only to return later, sometimes in a different guise. Listening carefully to what customers want and say and solving their problems has always been the ACME way of keeping pace.

A retiring soccer referee who had given more than his all over 40 years of officiating, having risen to the top leagues but spent his later years in the parks and at schools told us how he had used ACME throughout his career. 5 different ACMEs all purchased at different times. He still had them all and enjoyed bringing out his old favourites that still looked great and he said “they are just as reliable as the day I bought them and equal in performance to the modern ones I bought just a year before. I have tried others but ACME are the best”. That is how to build a brand. ACME has never sat back on its laurels the future will be a different place and our ingenuity will carry us there as we build on the 460 million whistles we have produced so far.