Sports Whistles

Reliable sports whistles and football whistles

Our sports referees' whistles have been carefully developed and improved over the years to meet the demanding conditions on the field. They create a loud and clear sound with minimal effort, and are often variable in pitch and tone giving you flexibility in your whistle calls.

Sports Referees’ Whistle

Imagine a game of football played entirely without the referee’s whistle - there would be confusion on the pitch, and the players wouldn’t know when to stop for half time or when a foul had been committed; this really highlights the important role that the referee whistle plays in our favourite sports. Trusted for generations, ACME sports whistles can be found all over the world being used by sports referees in small local leagues and world famous international competitions alike.

ACME Whistles have a rare claim to fame in that we produced the world’s first whistle specially designed for sporting purposes. Developed in 1884, the ACME Thunderer quickly became a sporting icon due to it’s reliably consistent performance on the pitch. and our referees’ whistles remain the whistles of choice for officials and referees all over the world, including FIFA, England Netball and Hockey Canada. They have been used extensively in sporting competitions such as the Olympics for generations, with a huge surge in the popularity of our sports whistles in the 1950s and 1960s across five continents.

Choosing Your Referee Whistle

We still produce the original ACME Thunderer which forms the core of our range of sports whistles, and we’re proud to say that they are still made at our factory on Barr Street, Birmingham. Furthermore, they are largely hand tooled using original machinery from the turn of the century. This level of care and attention to detail allows us to produce a superior product; once you have used an ACME whistle and seen the quality for yourself, copies and imitations simply don’t pass muster.

As our sports whistles have grown in popularity the need for referee whistles with different specifications became apparent to us. We have therefore spent time developing and expanding the range of sporting whistles we produce, and the ACME Thunderer is now available in 8 different specifications. The modern range of sporting whistles also includes airfast whistle models such as the ACME Tornado and the Cyclone, as well as plastic versions of the Thunderer which are ideal for cold climates and are more gentle on the hands and mouth than their metal counterparts. You are sure to find your perfect referees' whistle among our range, whichever sport ingnites your passion.