Football Whistles

Our whistles for football referees are preferred for their superior design and materials. They are used small local clubs and national teams alike; an ACME whistle sounded England's legendary World Cup win in 1966.

Football Whistle

The original and best, ACME football whistles have a long and iconic history, and they remain household nd club favourites to this day. The world’s first sports whistle was developed by Joseph Hudson in 1884, it has been used globally by football referees at all levels. It has a special place in the hearts of England fans, as an ACME Thunderer was the model used to call full time during their legendary 1966 World Cup win. Still considered the original and best by diehard fans, it is joined by modern sporting whistles such as the Tornado and Cyclone.

As a football referee, you will need a whistle that is reliable and gives a consistent performance. Your whistle needs to be ready and waiting with only a moment’s notice to call a foul or free kick. To help give you this level of convenience you can choose from whistles with a finger or glove grip, or you can opt to have your whistle attached to a lanyard; it all depends on how you prefer to use your whistle.

The World’s First Football Whistle

The original football whistle developed in the 19th Century was made from sturdy metal. This was the strongest and most versatile material for whistle development at the time, but with modern techniques it is possible to make whistles from other materials. We have expanded our range to include plastic whistles which are incredibly tough, shatter resistant, and easy to use. You can choose either a metal or plastic ACME Thunderer, or one of our newer designs in plastic such as the Tornado. Most of our metal whistles can also be engraved with your personal message or name.

Choosing and purchasing your new sports whistle online couldn’t be simpler. Take a look through the different models; you can listen to most of them by clicking the ‘Sound Whistle’ button. Once you have made your choice, add any personal message you like engraving into the whistle in the adjacent box, and click ‘Add To Basket’. It is possible to buy some of these sports whistles in packs of 12. This is ideal for clubs, schools and more.