Rugby Whistles

Reliable, high quality whistles for rugby referees at all club levels

ACME provide a complete range of rugby whistles in airsoft and pea whistle designs. Pea whistles allow rugby referees to create a whole array of sounds to help them control the action on the pitch. Airfast whistles do not offer such variation, but what they lack in tone they more than make up for with volume, emitting a shrill, raucous cry.

Rugby Whistles

ACME whistles have been an important piece of kit for rugby referees all over the world for longer than most of us have been alive for. There is a wide selection of rugby referee whistles which have been developed with sporting use in mind, and they are used extensively in sports practice and competition at all levels. They are particularly popular among rugby referee's, and are well known for being durable and reliable on the pitch. Here we have a range of rugby whistles that are ideal for referee's to use, each with its unique sound, tone and looks.

Airfast Or Pea Rugby Referee Whistle?

The main difference between these rugby referee whistles is whether they operate as an airfast or pea whistle. Pea whistles are a true classic, and allow the user to create a range of sounds at different volumes, depending on how hard the whistle is blown. The pea inside the body of the whistle rolls as air passes through the chamber, creating a trilling cry that can convey plenty of meaning. Airfast whistles do not contain a pea and rely on lung power alone. Airfast referee whistles can achieve higher volumes than pea whistles, but the sound cannot be varied by differing the blow rate. They emit a piercing call which can be ideal for large pitches, and when multiple games are being played side by side.

If your main requirement is volume, then an airfast whistle such as the ACME Tornado may be the perfect suit to serve as your rugby whistle. If you need a rugby whistle with a variable sound then a pea whistle like the classic ACME Thunderer may be a better choice. Whichever you choose, you can be assured that each whistle is individually tested and guaranteed for quality and reliability before they leave our factory. Depending on how you prefer to use your whistle we have models available with a finger or glove grip, as well as models which can be attached to a lanyard for safekeeping.

To add a touch of distinction to your new metal whistle it is possible to opt for engraving. Add a personal message, name or date which will be hand engraved, up to 50 characters long. If you have any questions about our referee whistles or would like to know more about becoming a distributor then please do get in touch.