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A Century of ACME Innovation

by AcmeWhistles, February 2018

ACME Whistles - A World Leader in Whistles

ACME Whistles has always been innovative and at the forefront of product development in the world of whistles since the early days as J Hudson & Co Whistles Ltd. It is interesting to note that todays most popular whistles, wherever they are made in the world are based on an original ACME whistles design.

Product development is only part of the mix of activities that together create a successful company. Making potential buyers aware of the offering and making it available to them, that business process, is just as important.

It has always been this way, and as much as we talk today about the accelerating pace of change and the huge strides forward that are being made through technology, our experience is that the world is forever changing. Every period through which we as a brand have “lived” has seen new advances, as progress continues relentlessly on.

A Colourful History & Bright Future for ACME Whistles

Born into a world where the Bobby on the “Beat”, as he walked the streets, could only communicate with his fellow officers by swinging a rattle, then later, blowing a whistle. 135 years later the rise of mobile internet and smartphones has transformed the world.

Business communications too are similarly revolutionised. In 1997 ACME had an award winning website. Voted 5th best newcomer to the Web by Yell, it was a revolutionary way of whistle makers giving its worldwide customers what they had always wanted, a catalogue with sound included. This lead quickly to our first online store. It was the 600th ecommerce site in the UK. That doesn’t sound as if we “won the race” but it was very early adoption of a then not generally understood medium. To put it into context – ecommerce sites are now counted in millions!

Quill pens and handwritten ledgers were first admin assistants at ACME. Then came the comptometer, invented in 1887 and a common office tool by the turn of the 19th century. Typewriters replaced the handwriting of documents, electric calculators arrived in 1972. ACME’s first computer was installed in 1987 with accounts and word processing only.

Commission agents travelled the World with a portfolio of products, placing orders on their return, often after months abroad in the seven continents.

Now we enter the digital era. Wherever you are you can contact ACME with a touch of the finger, look at our catalogue of whistles and listen to our products, as well as finding out how to get the most out of your chosen whistle.

In keeping with our proud tradition of customer-focussed innovation, Acme Whistles has launched a new, revitalised website bringing cutting edge user experience and functionality to the modern, “always-connected” global customer. Built on the world’s leading ecommerce platform, Magento eCommerce, this new website hails the next phase of our evolution.

The website is “responsive”, meaning it provides an optimised user experience to all of our website visitors regardless of the device they are using. This has never been more important, as mobile internet access continues its meteoric rise. Would you believe that over half of the visits to our website already come from either a mobile phone or a tablet?

J Hudson & Co Whistles Ltd - Connecting Customers Globally

For our international customers, we have included multi-language options. For customers looking for information about our brand, our story and our heritage, we have included a wealth of content presented in engaging layouts. We have also created a dedicated area for our valued distribution network, helping our global partners to promote the Acme brand and giving them increased visibility in the evermore crowded online world.

And of course for those of you wishing to buy your whistles online, we have updated our ecommerce offering. Our new web store provides a contemporary online shopping environment with specially-developed features to help you find the perfect whistle and additional services like personalized whistle engraving, as well as a streamlined checkout secured by market-leaders SagePay and PayPal. Whatever your whistle requirements, our online experience is a delight to use, whether you are looking for a new dog whistle online, bird calls and survival whistles for outdoor pursuits, or would like a classic police whistle or marine whistle.

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The story doesn’t end here. Never happy to rest on our laurels we will continue our commitment to innovation and ultimately to you, the end users of our whistles, over the next 150 years and beyond!

We’d love to hear your thoughts. As a valued customer, your opinion is very important to us. Please feel free to get in touch.