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  1. June, 15 2020
    ACME Whistles News

    Being First

    Welcome to the first ACME Whistles Website of our next 150 years. The future beckons and this, is our signpost.

    The ability to create a ‘first’ often depends on seizing opportunity at the right time linked to a strong awareness of accumulated talents.  Joseph Hudson, our founder, was perceptive enough to recognise the big step forward from policemen using rattles to giving clearer, more audible warnings when they used his pioneering Metropolitan whistle.  His original ‘ACME first’ was a landmark change, followed by other sign

  2. October, 21 2019
    ACME Whistles News

    A Trip To Remember

    The Visit

    My name is Ajay and on the 30th September I had

  3. October, 17 2019
    ACME Whistles News

    The Art of Happiness

    Manufacturing isn’t a skill, it’s a culture. Culture needs its place to begin, to develop and to pass its learning and understandings from generation to generation. Such a place is Birmingham. Manufacturing remains a huge part of our local GDP. No company exemplifies this tradition more than J Hudson & Co. (ACME WHISTLES) Ltd.

    Founded in 1870 it is just a few months away from its 150th birthday and to this day it remains the world market leader in the design and manufacture of whistles and audible warning signals. Take a look at the Rugby World Cup taking place in Japan this week and you will see Acme Thunderers on parade controlling the game. Used in every match they are currently exported to 119 countries.

    When Joseph Hudson, the founder, invented the first police whi

  4. September, 26 2019
    Dog Training

    Thompson Working Dogs: Marching to the Tone of a Different Whistle

    My name is Colton Thompson. I own and operate Thompson Working Dogs here in the states. From the infancy of my time as a handler and gundog trainer, I have had an ACME whistle. The UK methods of training resonated with me early on. The common sense and straight forward approach just made sense to me. Most importantly the dogs. As I poured my time into researching the methodology, I started gathering every piece of training equipment the winners were using. I noticed one commonality. An ACME whistle. “If it is good enough for them...” was my mentality. An ACME 211

  5. July, 09 2019
    ACME Whistles News, Maritime

    Boatswain Pipe Played Aboard Historic Yacht

    Originally constructed in 1929 at the Faarborg shipyard in Denmark, the 69 foot gaff rigged ketch once known as ‘Johanne Regina’ is a historic vessel with a fascinating story to tell. In her early days, Johanne Regina was used extensively as a trading vessel and by the 1970s she began a journey to the West Indies. 

    It was in Antigua, 1974, that Edward Allcard spotted the neglected vessel on a slipway and asked it’s owners if they’d be willing to part with it. Unfortunately for the Allcard family, the boat was not for sale. It wasn’t until the owners tempted fate by changing the vessel’s name that they fell on hard times and eventually agreed to sell. 

    For the Allcard family this was the beginning of an exciting new venture and having sold all their possessions to buy the boat, they immediately got started with restoration work. Living aboard the Johanne Regin

  6. June, 04 2019
    ACME Whistles News, Military

    ACME Whistles Locate A Rare Original "Lost D-Day Clicker"

    Factory Tours:

    See the "Lost ACME Clicker", a hugely significant piece of military history, displayed at the ACME Whistles factory.


    How We Found The Lost ACME Clicker

    Earlier this month we launched a campaign to find the “Lost D-Day Clickers” tha

  7. June, 03 2019
    Sports, Rugby

    ACME Whistles Presents Rugby Officials With Commemorative Whistles

    There are few sporting events in the world which inspire the levels of excitement and camaraderie that are stirred by the Amsterdam Sevens Tournament. It may not be the only rugby tournament which takes place every year but it a truly special one with plenty of international appeal - it holds a special place in the hearts of rugby players and fans alike.

    Every year it allows rugby players and fans to meet, mingle, and enjoy an event that captures the true spirit of the sport. It only natural then, that the Amsterdam Sevens places a high importance on good sportsmanship and the social aspects of the game.

  8. Choosing The Right Dog Whistle

    Choosing the perfect dog whistle for your family pet or working dog is key to facilitating smooth training. Like with people, no two dogs are exactly alike and this can make it somewhat challenging to choose the right whistle to train with. Of course, the level your dog is trained to and the speed at which they make progress will depend on the amount of time that you invest in training as well as the aptitude of your dog, but choosing the right tools will give you both a great start. There are a number of things which will help you to choose the right whistle the first time, including the breed of dog and the kind of work you will be doing with them.


    Retrieving breeds such as goldens, labradors and curly coats are generally energetic and sociable, and most will benefit from being able to run in large open spaces, especially young dogs. Whether your retriever is a working dog or

  9. January, 24 2019

    Sea Cadets Appreciate Bosun's Calls


    By Lt Cdr Glenn von Zeil, SA Naval Reserves

    The Bosun’s Call or Bosun’s Pipe (also sometimes spelled 'Boatswain') was used in days of sail to communicate commands onboard ships, especially to those men in the rigging who were adjusting the sails. In modern navies it fulfils a functional ceremonial purpose used to announce daily evolutions, including sunset, colours, call the hands at “wakey wakey”, summons the officer of the day, announce meals, rounds and pipe down. It is also the symbol of office of a Master at Arms or Cox’n and is displayed on a silver chain worn around the neck.

    As in the SA Navy the Sea Cadets use Bosun’s Calls for the same purposes and young Cadets are taught the art of “piping” early on in their cadet experienc

  10. Our Collab with ACME… with Teddy Maximus Founder, Holly Simpson

    We are so delighted to be collaborating with ACME Whistles! As champions of British manufacturing and huge fans of waggy tails we were intrigued by the ‘silent’ dog whistle….

    Teddy Maximus is all about fun, luxury British style, we create beautiful accessories for you and your dog… you might have seen us in the Sunday Times S

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