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  1. Original ACME service and police whistles

    Service and police whistles: True ACME originals

    ACME whistles played an essential role in history. Police used whistles to call for backup from other officers before radios were invented. The military used whistles to communicate orders to soldiers in battle. Whistles could be heard over the noise of the battle, and the enemy couldn’t easily interpret the meaning of each call if they were to listen to the orders.

    Since radio and other communication technologies are now much more common, service and police whistles are used less often in the field. Service and police whistles do, however, make great gifts for history, military or police e

  2. Whistles for Train Enthusiasts
    May, 28 2022
    Hobbies & Collectors

    Whistles for Train Enthusiasts

    If you are a train enthusiast then you will know better than anyone that trains, especially traditional locomotives, are known for their distinct sounds. Not only is there the delightfully rhythmic motion of the driving wheels, there are also the unique and unmistakable whistle sounds that are associated with steam powered engines. Even modern trains that are not steam powered will have something of the hypnotic ‘clickety-clack’ and rumbling sound.

    In the old steam locomotive systems, whistles were used to signal to others the specific whereabouts of the train, as well as to communicate wit

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