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  1. Whistles for Train Enthusiasts
    May, 28 2022
    Hobbies & Collectors

    Whistles for Train Enthusiasts

    If you are a train enthusiast then you will know better than anyone that trains, especially traditional locomotives, are known for their distinct sounds. Not only is there the delightfully rhythmic motion of the driving wheels, there are also the unique and unmistakable whistle sounds that are associated with steam powered engines. Even modern trains that are not steam powered will have something of the hypnotic ‘clickety-clack’ and rumbling sound.

    In the old steam locomotive systems, whistles were used to signal to others the specific whereabouts of the train, as well as to communicate wit

  2. Whistles for a summer of festivals
    May, 20 2022

    Whistles for a Summer of Festivals

    Summer is almost here and for many of us this means one thing - festival season!

    If you have found yourself missing out on your usual summer festivals and carnivals because of recent lockdowns, the chances are you have been looking forward to this summer in particular. ACME will help you to get into the party spirit with our lively and eye-catching range of whistles perfect for summer festivities.


    Apitos, also known as samba whistles, are a key cultural addition to festival and carnival music. Originally hailing from Brazil, the apito has gained fame all over the world

  3. Realistic Bird Call Whistles by ACME Whistles
    May, 12 2022
    Nature & Wild

    Realistic Bird Call Whistles

    Any field sports enthusiast knows the value of a realistic and reliable bird call. These whistles are a niche product that ACME has specialised in for decades, becoming a leading designer and manufacturer of bird calls, crow calls, duck calls, pigeon calls, and other associated equipment such as harking horns in the UK.

    Our whistles are also used in orchestral arrangements and to produce realistic sound effects for TV and cinema. Moire generally, they are features of British country lifestyle, and our carefully crafted range is much-loved by professionals and amateur twitchers alike.

  4. new puppy list - dog training whistle, bed, food, toys
    May, 04 2022
    Dog Training

    What to Buy Before Bringing Home a Puppy or Rescue Dog

    Welcoming a new puppy or rescue dog into your home is an exciting - and often quite hectic - time for all the family. There’s the inevitable naming debate to contend with as well as critical decisions to make; including whether they will be allowed on the couch, whether to crate train, and tha daily schedule for feeding and walks. There’s also quite a bit of stuff you’ll need to buy in advance to prepare their new home for them before they arrive.

    Beyond this, you’ll need to make sure everyone in the family understands the ground rules because this will make training so much easier. Puppies

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