1. A Whistle Stop Tour of Dog Training - Your First Puppy Steps
    September, 09 2020
    Dog Training, Guides

    A Whistle Stop Tour of Dog Training - Your First Puppy Steps

    Everyone dreams of the moment they can bring their first puppy home. It’s such an exciting step to take and a milestone moment that you are guaranteed to remember for the rest of your life. Although, you want to make sure you remember it for the right reasons, and not because your little bundle of furry joy has caused havoc...again! 

    You're not alone, as thousands of families are increasing by one every day yet don’t have a clue where to start on training. Luckily, all of your puppy prayers have been answered as we’ve teamed

  2. May, 15 2018

    How to Blow a Whistle for Best Results

    There is no doubt that different whistle users have different styles of blowing their chosen whistles. The classic example, often quoted in whistle lore, is the world-famous rugby referee whistle.

    It is designed to offer a range of sounds depending on how the breath pressure is varied. This enables the referee to “talk” with their whistle, which is thanks to the thoughtful and tried and tested design of our sports whistle models.

    A gentle blow of the rugby referee whistle can be given to signal to the players, “en

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