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  1. October, 21 2019
    ACME Whistles News

    A Trip To Remember

    The Visit

    My name is Ajay and on the 30th September I had

  2. October, 17 2019
    ACME Whistles News

    The Art of Happiness

    Manufacturing isn’t a skill, it’s a culture. Culture needs its place to begin, to develop and to pass its learning and understandings from generation to generation. Such a place is Birmingham. Manufacturing remains a huge part of our local GDP. No company exemplifies this tradition more than J Hudson & Co. (ACME WHISTLES) Ltd.

    Founded in 1870 it is just a few months away from its 150th birthday and to this day it remains the world market leader in the design and manufacture of whistles and audible warning signals. Take a look at the Rugby World Cup taking place in Japan this week and you will see Acme Thunderers on parade controlling the game. Used in every match they are currently exported to 119 countries.

    When Joseph Hudson, the founder, invented the first police whi

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