1. Original ACME service and police whistles

    Service and police whistles: True ACME originals

    ACME whistles played an essential role in history. Police used whistles to call for backup from other officers before radios were invented. The military used whistles to communicate orders to soldiers in battle. Whistles could be heard over the noise of the battle, and the enemy couldn’t easily interpret the meaning of each call if they were to listen to the orders.

    Since radio and other communication technologies are now much more common, service and police whistles are used less often in the field. Service and police whistles do, however, make great gifts for history, military or police e

  2. June, 04 2019
    ACME Whistles News, Military

    ACME Whistles Locate A Rare Original "Lost D-Day Clicker"

    Factory Tours:

    See the "Lost ACME Clicker", a hugely significant piece of military history, displayed at the ACME Whistles factory.


    How We Found The Lost ACME Clicker

    Earlier this month we launched a campaign to find the “Lost D-Day Clickers” tha

  3. January, 24 2019

    Sea Cadets Appreciate Bosun's Calls


    By Lt Cdr Glenn von Zeil, SA Naval Reserves

    The Bosun’s Call or Bosun’s Pipe (also sometimes spelled 'Boatswain') was used in days of sail to communicate commands onboard ships, especially to those men in the rigging who were adjusting the sails. In modern navies it fulfils a functional ceremonial purpose used to announce daily evolutions, including sunset, colours, call the hands at “wakey wakey”, summons the officer of the day, announce meals, rounds and pipe down. It is also the symbol of office of a Master at Arms or Cox’n and is displayed on a silver chain worn around the neck.

    As in the SA Navy the Sea Cadets use Bosun’s Calls for the same purposes and young Cadets are taught the art of “piping” early on in their cadet experienc

  4. November, 28 2018
    Sports, Police, ACME Whistles News, Military

    148 years of history in 35 seconds

    Writing a poem for ACME Whistles.

    by Gabriella Gay (GKA Gay)

    With one toot every cop and robber, runner, budding footballer, bulldog, plane and dancer stood still to attention. I learned very quickly in my year training to teach that my cheap plastic whistle, used for years at carnival, was not enough. Its half-heard whimper left the children that actually stopped quite confused, while the other half continued their games until they spotted the statues amongst them. The best teachers and teaching assistants invested in a good whistle and kept it hung around their necks. They were always ready for playtime duty, P.E, lunchtime and the rare occasion where a hand in the air, sharp ‘Are we ready?’ or the pure powerful presence of standing still was not enough.

    In a voice care workshop we were told that the best way protect your voice but still be heard clearly from afar was to speak in a high pitched twangy politician style tone. I never tried it

  5. November, 07 2018
    ACME Whistles News, Military

    World War I And The Whistle

    Whistles have played a vital role on the battlefield throughout ACME’s 149-year history.

    Many commands, including the famous ‘over the top‘ signal, were issued by whistles made at our factory in the Midlands and they soon became the official government-issue infantry whistle. Shouting was lost against the dreadful and overwhelming hurricane of sound that was guns firing, bombs and shells screaming earthwards and exploding. The noise was felt as well as heard as each side sought to not just damage but demoralise the other.

    The whistle with its distinctive, discordant note spoke through the background noise as the voice of authority. To the chaos and terror, it brought order.

    Carrying On Against All Odds

    So important to the war effort was this small item that the British government seized control of the factory to ensure that whistle production was kept going. When bombs hit the ACME factory (falling from zeppelins whose real target was probably the nearb

  6. October, 18 2018
    Police, ACME Whistles News, Military

    ACME Whistles - In Times Of War And Peace

    Behind every one of ACME Whistles’ iconic designs there is a story to be told. Perhaps the most compelling is a story that began at the turn of the 20th Century, and still resonates with us to this day. At its heart, it is about our proud military history, but it is also about the servicemen and women and the everyday details that formed their experience of war.

    This year, 2018, marks the 100 year anniversary of the end of WWI. A dark time in world history, it was also an age of innovation and hope as people from all walks of life came together to do their bit for the war effort. For ACME Whistles, this period marked the start of a close relationship between the British military and the humble whistle company from Birmingham.

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