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    May, 04 2022
    Dog Training

    What to Buy Before Bringing Home a Puppy or Rescue Dog

    Welcoming a new puppy or rescue dog into your home is an exciting - and often quite hectic - time for all the family. There’s the inevitable naming debate to contend with as well as critical decisions to make; including whether they will be allowed on the couch, whether to crate train, and tha daily schedule for feeding and walks. There’s also quite a bit of stuff you’ll need to buy in advance to prepare their new home for them before they arrive.

    Beyond this, you’ll need to make sure everyone in the family understands the ground rules because this will make training so much easier. Puppies

  2. The Sound of Safety: Our New Range of Antimicrobial Whistles
    October, 26 2020
    Sports, Dog Training, Maritime

    The Sound of Safety: Our New Range of Antimicrobial Whistles

    Here at ACME Whistles, we have invented many of the significant developments in whistle technology over our 150-year history. 

    Our innovators are always looking for ways to improve our range of products to ensure our customers get the best whistle experience possible. 

    We are proud to announce that our range of plastic whistles will now have SUPRA-GUARD antimicrobial additives, which are proven to protect against harmful bacteria. 

    From th

  3. A Whistle Stop Tour of Dog Training - Your First Puppy Steps
    September, 09 2020
    Dog Training, Guides

    A Whistle Stop Tour of Dog Training - Your First Puppy Steps

    Everyone dreams of the moment they can bring their first puppy home. It’s such an exciting step to take and a milestone moment that you are guaranteed to remember for the rest of your life. Although, you want to make sure you remember it for the right reasons, and not because your little bundle of furry joy has caused havoc...again! 

    You're not alone, as thousands of families are increasing by one every day yet don’t have a clue where to start on training. Luckily, all of your puppy prayers have been answered as we’ve teamed

  4. September, 26 2019
    Dog Training

    Thompson Working Dogs: Marching to the Tone of a Different Whistle

    My name is Colton Thompson. I own and operate Thompson Working Dogs here in the states. From the infancy of my time as a handler and gundog trainer, I have had an ACME whistle. The UK methods of training resonated with me early on. The common sense and straight forward approach just made sense to me. Most importantly the dogs. As I poured my time into researching the methodology, I started gathering every piece of training equipment the winners were using. I noticed one commonality. An ACME whistle. “If it is good enough for them...” was my mentality. An ACME 211

  5. Choosing The Right Dog Whistle

    Choosing the perfect dog whistle for your family pet or working dog is key to facilitating smooth training. Like with people, no two dogs are exactly alike and this can make it somewhat challenging to choose the right whistle to train with. Of course, the level your dog is trained to and the speed at which they make progress will depend on the amount of time that you invest in training as well as the aptitude of your dog, but choosing the right tools will give you both a great start. There are a number of things which will help you to choose the right whistle the

  6. Our Collab with ACME… with Teddy Maximus Founder, Holly Simpson

    We are so delighted to be collaborating with ACME Whistles! As champions of British manufacturing and huge fans of waggy tails we were intrigued by the ‘silent’ dog whistle….

    Teddy Maximus is all about fun, luxury British style, we create beautiful accessories for you and your dog… you might have seen us in the Sunday Times S

  7. November, 14 2018
    Dog Training, ACME Whistles News

    Team GB – 20th Anniversary Vizsla European Field Trial Championship

    Team GB – 20th Anniversary Vizsla European Field Trial Championship (Europa Cup); Hungary 26 hours of driving (6 people & 4 dogs in a Transit van) saw us finally arrive at our hotel just over the border in Hungary. Admittedly we did stop off for a few hours for some last-minute polishing and a bite to eat at one of our very hospitable opponents in Austria.

    All booked in and some real food, the team and dogs rested. The following day was spent acclimatising the dogs. On the Thursday, late afternoon we headed to the Championship Headquarters where we met up with the rest of Team GB. All the wonderful equipment supplied by our sponsors was presented to each handler by the Team Captain and the booking in of Team G

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