Choosing The Right Dog Whistle

Choosing the perfect dog whistle for your family pet or working dog is key to facilitating smooth training. Like with people, no two dogs are exactly alike and this can make it somewhat challenging to choose the right whistle to train with. Of course, the level your dog is trained to and the speed at which they make progress will depend on the amount of time that you invest in training as well as the aptitude of your dog, but choosing the right tools will give you both a great start. There are a number of things which will help you to choose the right whistle the first time, including the breed of dog and the kind of work you will be doing with them.


Retrieving breeds such as goldens, labradors and curly coats are generally energetic and sociable, and most will benefit from being able to run in large open spaces, especially young dogs. Whether your retriever is a working dog or