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  1. January, 24 2019

    Sea Cadets Appreciate Bosun's Calls


    By Lt Cdr Glenn von Zeil, SA Naval Reserves

    The Bosun’s Call or Bosun’s Pipe (also sometimes spelled 'Boatswain') was used in days of sail to communicate commands onboard ships, especially to those men in the rigging who were adjusting the sails. In modern navies it fulfils a functional ceremonial purpose used to announce daily evolutions, including sunset, colours, call the hands at “wakey wakey”, summons the officer of the day, announce meals, rounds and pipe down. It is also the symbol of office of a Master at Arms or Cox’n and is displayed on a silver chain worn around the neck.

    As in the SA Navy the Sea Cadets use Bosun’s Calls for the same purposes and young Cadets are taught the art of “piping” early on in their cadet experienc

  2. Our Collab with ACME… with Teddy Maximus Founder, Holly Simpson

    We are so delighted to be collaborating with ACME Whistles! As champions of British manufacturing and huge fans of waggy tails we were intrigued by the ‘silent’ dog whistle….

    Teddy Maximus is all about fun, luxury British style, we create beautiful accessories for you and your dog… you might have seen us in the Sunday Times S

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