1. How We’re Helping To Keep Referees On The Rugby Pitch
    September, 03 2021
    Sports, Rugby

    How We’re Helping To Keep Referees On The Rugby Pitch

    Ever seen a game of rugby without a referee? No? That’s because referees are just as integral to the sport as its players and fans.

    But you may be shocked to hear that only a third (34%) of qualified officials stay to oversee more than three games.

    That’s why ACME Whistles is proud to announce our partnership with The Rugby Football League, to help keep referees in rugby.

    The new programme launched this week by RFL referees Ben Thaler and Liam Moore, will celebrate referees from their entry into the sport, right through to the most decorated referees and amb

  2. The Places That Produce The Most England International Footballers
    June, 02 2021
    Sports, Football

    The Places That Produce The Most England International Footballers

    Football for many of us is more than just a sport, it’s a way of living. Whether you support your local team or travel miles for every match, you are guaranteed to feel at home within your club's stadium. In fact, many supporters form strong rivalries with opposing teams whilst firmly standing by their chosen team. Yet there is one team every football fan will support each time they play, sticking with them through the ups and downs (and there's been a lot!).

  3. 12 And In Charge: Archie Redford Is Rugby’s Next Referee
    May, 24 2021
    Sports, Rugby

    12 And In Charge: Archie Redford Is Rugby’s Next Referee

    When considering after-school activities, many lean towards the sporting world. This will usually come from a dream of being England's next top goal scorer. However, Archie Redford has taken his passion for Rugby one step further, as he took to the field and refereed his first match - something he hopes he will turn into a lifelong career.

  4. The Sound of Safety: Our New Range of Antimicrobial Whistles
    October, 26 2020
    Sports, Dog Training, Maritime

    The Sound of Safety: Our New Range of Antimicrobial Whistles

    Here at ACME Whistles, we have invented many of the significant developments in whistle technology over our 150-year history. 

    Our innovators are always looking for ways to improve our range of products to ensure our customers get the best whistle experience possible. 

    We are proud to announce that our range of plastic whistles will now have SUPRA-GUARD antimicrobial additives, which are proven to protect against harmful bacteria. 

    From th

  5. Coach Tim using ACME Whistle to direct swimmer Robbie whilst completing the swim across the English Channel
    September, 02 2020
    Sports, Maritime

    Channelling The Right Sound: The ACME Whistle English Channel Challenge

    Completing the Channel swim is one of the biggest challenges a swimmer can face, and for some, a life-long dream. The Channel stretches out, at its shortest, 21 miles between England and France yet the path the swimmers take can increase in distance depending on the current.


  6. June, 01 2020

    Netball World Cup 2019: Gary Burgess

  7. June, 03 2019
    Sports, Rugby

    ACME Whistles Presents Rugby Officials With Commemorative Whistles

    There are few sporting events in the world which inspire the levels of excitement and camaraderie that are stirred by the Amsterdam Sevens Tournament. It may not be the only rugby tournament which takes place every year but it a truly special one with plenty of international appeal - it holds a special place in the hearts of rugby players and fans alike.

    Every year it allows rugby players and fans to meet, mingle, and enjoy an event that captures the true spirit of the sport. It only natural then, that the Amsterdam Sevens places a high importance on good sportsmanship and the social aspects of the game.

  8. November, 28 2018
    Sports, Police, ACME Whistles News, Military

    148 years of history in 35 seconds

    Writing a poem for ACME Whistles.

    by Gabriella Gay (GKA Gay)

    With one toot every cop and robber, runner, budding footballer, bulldog, plane and dancer stood still to attention. I learned very quickly in my year training to teach that my cheap plastic whistle, used for years at carnival, was not enough. Its half-heard whimper left the children that actually stopped quite confused, while the other half continued their games until they spotted the statues amongst them. The best teachers and teaching assistants invested in a good whistle and kept it hung around their necks. They were always ready for playtime duty, P.E, lunchtime and the rare occasion where a hand in the air, sharp ‘Are we ready?’ or the pure powerful presence of standing still was not enough.

    In a voice care workshop we were told that the best way protect your voice but still be heard clearly from afar was to speak in a high pitched twangy politician style tone. I never tried it

  9. July, 10 2018
    Sports, Football

    FIFA World Cup - it’s Final!

    Here we are again - four years on from the last World Cup semi final - and the fans are in a frenzy as they worship their heroes and pillory their villains. We have made more appearances in the World Cup - and in the final - than any team or player.

    Who are we?

    We are the Acme Whistle.

    We were there in 1966 when we did something really unusual and heart-warming. We blew an England victory. Before then, or indeed after then, all we have done is blow England out of the competition. What joy to, at last, have given a triumphant roll of the pea. These days they can’t do that with their airfast (no pea) Tornado whistles. The long drawl that you can only get from an Acme Thunderer is not like any other football r

  10. June, 06 2018
    Sports, Football

    A Tournament of Masters

    The 2018 Over-50s Masters Football World Cup in Spain

    This year, ACME Whistles have enjoyed the privilege of sponsoring the England Team Over-50s Masters Football World Cup in Spain.

    Founded in 2006, the Over-50s Masters is the brainchild of Dr Harry Hubball. Initially, it was part of a research project for the University of British Columbia and features teams of players falling into specific age ranges. In teams of 5, they compete against other teams from around the world to be the proud winners of the Masters Soccer World Cup.

    What we found extremely appealing about this tournament is the fact that the competition brings together people from all over the world, with different backgrounds and cultures, for a thoroughly enjoyable sporting event.

    ACME Whistles - Sponsors of the England Over-50s Masters Team

    As sponsors to the England team, England Old Stars, it was exciting to be a part of this relatively

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