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  1. July, 25 2019

    ACME Whistles Presented to Police Officers From Around the World

    Whenever police officers from around the world meet there is always an inevitable exchange. Knowledge, ideas, stories, and of course gifts. Often these are items symbolic of their homeland and are happily received, but wherever possible, it represents their unit or organisation and these are most prized by those that receive them.

    When the officers of the International Police Association (IPA) met in Stirling for the 5th Bi-annual Young PoliceOfficer Seminar (YPOS), it was no different.

    The IPA draws the police family together from 67 countries, in the spirit of shared learning and friendship, enabling a huge range of social exchanges and professional development, and is the largest social

  2. July, 09 2019
    ACME Whistles News, Maritime

    Boatswain Pipe Played Aboard Historic Yacht

    Originally constructed in 1929 at the Faarborg shipyard in Denmark, the 69 foot gaff rigged ketch once known as ‘Johanne Regina’ is a historic vessel with a fascinating story to tell. In her early days, Johanne Regina was used extensively as a trading vessel and by the 1970s she began a journey to the West Indies. 

    It was in Antigua, 1974, that Edward Allcard spotted the neglected vessel on a slipway and asked it’s owners if they’d be willing to part with it. Unfortunately for the Allcard family, the boat was not for sale. It wasn’t until the owners tempted fate by changing the vessel’s name that they fell on hard times and eventually agreed to sell. 

    For the Allcard family this was the beginning of an exciting new venture and having sold all their possessions to buy the boat, they immediately got started with restoration work. Living aboard the Johanne Regin

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