July, 10 2018
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FIFA World Cup - it’s Final!

Here we are again - four years on from the last World Cup semi final - and the fans are in a frenzy as they worship their heroes and pillory their villains. We have made more appearances in the World Cup - and in the final - than any team or player.

Who are we?

We are the Acme Whistle.

We were there in 1966 when we did something really unusual and heart-warming. We blew an England victory. Before then, or indeed after then, all we have done is blow England out of the competition. What joy to, at last, have given a triumphant roll of the pea. These days they can’t do that with their airfast (no pea) Tornado whistles. The long drawl that you can only get from an Acme Thunderer is not like any other football r