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  1. February, 19 2018
    ACME Whistles News

    The Spring Fair 2018

    An ACME Whistles Showcase

    It’s Spring Fair time once again in Birmingham at the National Exhibition Centre - the UK’s biggest gift fair and one of the half dozen top shows worldwide - and it is the perfect platform to showcase our ACME Whistles Prestige Range of high end, precious metal jewellery and gift whistles.

    The other great feature of the Spring Fair is that the

  2. February, 14 2018
    ACME Whistles News

    A Century of ACME Innovation

    ACME Whistles - A World Leader in Whistles

    ACME Whistles has always been innovative and at the forefront of product development in the world of whistles since the early days as J Hudson & Co Whistles Ltd. It is interesting to note that todays most popular whistles, wherever they are made in the world are based on an original ACME whistles design.

    Product development is only part of the mix of activities that together create a successful company. Making potential buyers aware of the offering and making it available to them, that business process, is just as important.

    It has always been this way, and as much as we talk today about the accelerating pace of change and the huge strides forward that are being made through technology, our experience is that the world is forever changing. Every period through which we as a brand have “lived” has

  3. February, 05 2018
    ACME Whistles News

    Welcome to the ACME Whistles Website

    The World of Acme Whistles is always fun, always interesting and often deadly serious.

    Our long history, beginning with the first Police Whistle and spanning six generations of whistle makers, is a tale of ingenuity, inventiveness and dedication to producing the finest whistles in the world.

    Amazing products for amazing people

    Whatever your interest, professional or general. Whether you need a whistle or are simply intrigued we hope you will enjoy our unique story.

    Do let us have your comments – and please keep in touch through our social media platforms @acmewhistles or by emailing us @ [email protected]

  4. February, 05 2018
    ACME Whistles News

    ACME Whistles - A Royal Visit

    Honoured Guests at ACME Whistles

    ACME Whistles have been suppliers to the Royal Households since our early beginnings. A letter from Queen Victoria’s Windsor Castle dated May 1st 1886, still sits in our archives. It compliments the company on the effectiveness of the Metropolitan Whistle and requests 161 more.

    In 1936 our Infantry whistles were substituted for the bugles used to sound Reveille at Wellington Barracks as a quieter note of respect on the death of King George V.

    Like many companies we have produced commemorative items. Red, white and blue whistles were made bearing the head of Edward VIII and both heads of George V and Queen Elizabeth.

    In 1953 we organised a street party to celebrate the Coronation of Elizabeth II whilst bunting and flags proclaimed the factory’s part in the National celebrations.


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