Monthly Archives: June 2019

  1. June, 04 2019
    ACME Whistles News, Military

    ACME Whistles Locate A Rare Original "Lost D-Day Clicker"

    Factory Tours:

    See the "Lost ACME Clicker", a hugely significant piece of military history, displayed at the ACME Whistles factory.


    How We Found The Lost ACME Clicker

    Earlier this month we launched a campaign to find the “Lost D-Day Clickers” tha

  2. June, 03 2019
    Sports, Rugby

    ACME Whistles Presents Rugby Officials With Commemorative Whistles

    There are few sporting events in the world which inspire the levels of excitement and camaraderie that are stirred by the Amsterdam Sevens Tournament. It may not be the only rugby tournament which takes place every year but it a truly special one with plenty of international appeal - it holds a special place in the hearts of rugby players and fans alike.

    Every year it allows rugby players and fans to meet, mingle, and enjoy an event that captures the true spirit of the sport. It only natural then, that the Amsterdam Sevens places a high importance on good sportsmanship and the social aspects of the game.

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