There are few sporting events in the world which inspire the levels of excitement and camaraderie that are stirred by the Amsterdam Sevens Tournament. It may not be the only rugby tournament which takes place every year but it a truly special one with plenty of international appeal - it holds a special place in the hearts of rugby players and fans alike.

Every year it allows rugby players and fans to meet, mingle, and enjoy an event that captures the true spirit of the sport. It only natural then, that the Amsterdam Sevens places a high importance on good sportsmanship and the social aspects of the game.

Taking place in June, more than 120 teams from the North and South hemispheres will compete in the men’s ‘Silver Pier’ ‘The Shield’ and ‘The Cup’ Tournaments, while the women’s teams will go head-to-head for the ‘Ladies Pier’ and ‘Shield’ Tournaments.

Veterans of the sport will compete in their own 10-a-side tournament which always guarantees an excellent game will be played. As well as including club professionals and veterans, the tournament is also a great opportunity for up-and-coming talent to showcase their skills.

The tournament is hosted at Sportpark de Eendracht, home of the Amsterdam Rugby Club (AAC). The venue boasts 10 purpose-built rugby pitches and a festival style leisure area where attendees will be able to grab some food and drink while enjoying great music and a lively, welcoming atmosphere.

As well as the players and spectators, the tournament also depends on a dedicated team of match officials. These professionals hail from all around the world with representatives coming from England, Scotland, Wales, the Netherlands, Germany, Namibia, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, Denmark, Switzerland, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Italy and Poland.

To recognise the important role that the match officials have in making this tournament a success, ACME Whistles are kindly donating 50 commemorative, engraved whistles which will be handed out in a ceremony before the rugby tournament commences on 1st June. The whistles chosen are ACME Thunderers, an iconic model which is an international favourite and is considered a traditional sporting whistle; each is engraved with the Amsterdam Sevens logo, the date, and the words ‘Match official’.

The group were absolutely thrilled to receive their Thunderers, and would like to thank ACME Whistles for their kind donation!