We are so delighted to be collaborating with ACME Whistles! As champions of British manufacturing and huge fans of waggy tails we were intrigued by the ‘silent’ dog whistle….

Teddy Maximus is all about fun, luxury British style, we create beautiful accessories for you and your dog… you might have seen us in the Sunday Times Style mag recently, or perhaps you’ve spotted a pup travelling in style in one of our dog carriers – it certainly is a dog’s life! Inspired by my dachshund Teddy, the brand was born in 2015 and is now loved by dogs and their owners across the world!

We first met ACME Whistles in Florida at the Global Pet Expo and connected over our passion for British craftsmanship – we were immediately drawn to the heritage and quality of the products, resulting in our beautiful new Keyring Charm designed and made in the UK for stylish dog owners.

The ‘silent’ dog whistle is fascinating! There are so many things we love about it! We were amazed to learn that the sound of the ‘silent’ dog whistle travels up to 1.5km. And the fact that it’s adjustable through a wide range of frequencies using the screw piston mechanism enables you to tune it to suit your dog – a truly personalised training tool!

And it’s not just the technical details of course. The beautiful styling of the whistle lends much of its looks to the 1930s, when it was invented by Clifford Hudson – we love art deco design, having recently released an art deco collection so this felt like the ideal fit.

We had so much fun creating the video for our new keyring charms, totes and purses. The gold whistle looks stunning and certainly got the attention of Teddy, take a look below…

As champions of British craftsmanship, our new Keyring Charms are made in a London leatherworks.

So what does the making process look like?

  • First we cut the leather disks for the charm using what we call a ‘knife’ (like a cookie cutter for leather) with a leather press…
  • Next we create a template for the emboss machine and emboss the disks with gold foil using our little dog motif and an embossing machine
  • We hand punch a hole in the top of each leather disk so it can hang from the keyring and lastly, we attach this to the keyring
  • Next we need to attach the beautiful ACME whistle. To do so, we create a leather strap - the leather is first thinned, so that it’s flexible enough to fit through the ring and suspend the whistle perfectly
  • Next we take the thinned leather and cut the straps using a knife in a leather press
  • Lastly, a hole is punched for a rivet and hand sealed with a brass rivet to secure the whistle in place

For us, ‘Made in Britain’ truly means that – so it is an absolute pleasure to be working with ACME.

Take a look at the designs here… we’d love to know your thoughts. You can find us on Instagram @teddy_maximus, Twitter @teddymaximus and Facebook @TeddyMaximusUK